Play Synopsis

This production chronicles the lives of six women and their evolving relationship with hip-hop. The piece brings to light confrontations between sexuality, artistry, and hip-hop. The main character of the play H.E.R., (inspired from the popular Common Sense song "I used to love H.E.R"), is the personification of Hip-Hop in female form. The characters tell their unique stories through spoken word, prose, rap, and hip-hop. Politically the play is the impetus that poses the question by disassociating ourselves from hip-hop, will we as women lose the freedoms we have found and treasure in hip-hop? The women of the play find it necessary to travel through their herstory in a desperate attempt to answer this question and other questions of their devotion to HER.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Save the Date!!!

HERstory at the DC Arts Center on September 26th-28th. For more information and to buy tickets log on to DCAC website or Click here.

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